Equal parts feminine & edgy, for the unapologetic Woman. 
The VENIV woman is chic, effortlessly styled with a ballsy attitude and a sharp mind.   

VENIV was born as an abbreviation of the Latin phrase ‘veni, vedi, vici’ which translates to ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. 

The semi-fine jewellery label creates pieces from 18k gold vermeil sterling silver with magical gemstones & swarovski stones, through a three month process from design to finished piece. In a world of fast-paced & over-produced everything – we focus on bringing to you truly special pieces that are made with high-quality materials in limited quantities.

For a Woman who builds her collections and outfits from fewer, more thoughtful and meaningful pieces. The label is rooted in Hong Kong and is inspired by iconic women who have influenced our generation.

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